Evolution Jelly Prawn

In rough country, weedless worm hooks keep your hook point tucked up out of harm's way -- allowing you to get right in amongst it without the constant fear of snagging. Out in the open however, a swinging set of trebles ensures that anything giving your lure even a cursory nudge will find itself firmly pinned and in for the fight of its life.

Evolution Jelly Prawns offer a compromise. Two upward facing hook points swinging freely give Evolution Jelly Prawns greater hook up potential while remaining relatively snag-free.

Evolution Jelly Prawns are also compatible with any suitably sized Evolution Jig Head giving you the ability to adjust the weight of your lure in just a few quick seconds. Unrigged Jelly Prawns are also available and have a pre-made channel designed to take an Evolution Jighead.

With the ability to be rigged Flick-tail with the great backward-kicking action of our Original Jelly Prawns or to be rigged as a forward-swimmer and glided or crawled through fish holding country, these are a must-have in any serious lure tosser's arsenal.

Use Evolution Jelly Prawns offer unmatched versatility in a prawn imitation. Rigged for flick-tail action, they can be used to target schooling fish or fish holding around structure. When rigged as a forward-swimmer, they can be glided past gutters and drains or crawled over gravel beds and sandflats to actively find foraging fish.

Available in packs of:
3x100mm lures + 2 jigheads
5x70mm lures + 2 jigheads


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