Weedless Jelly Prawn

Everyone has their own idea of the best country to find fish. One thing that everyone can agree on is that big fish love cover. This can come in the form of sunken trees, rock bars, breakwaters and bridge or wharf pylons – all places we know repeatedly produce the goods. The downside, of course, is the constant threat of snagging and hanging up on that very same structure. The Weedless Jelly Prawn was designed for this very reason.

With very little hook point exposed, the Weedless Jelly Prawn can be cast with confidence, right into the lions’ den. With half as much lead weight as the Original, the Weedless Jelly Prawn achieves some seriously enticing hang time right in and amongst the tight country. When a fish strikes, the soft body material of the Weedless Jelly Prawn compresses and the needle sharp hook point penetrates deep. How you extract the fish is your problem. Grab a pack and you can cross that bridge when you get to it!

If you want a lure that can safely go where the fish like to hang out, the Weedless Jelly Prawn is the lure for you.

Use Weedless Jelly Prawns are perfectly suited to casting to tight bankside snags or rock bars. Retrieve with short rod flicks followed by long pauses. This lure gets some serious hang time so long pauses can be employed to give your quarry ample time to suck down your offering.

Packs of three



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