Introducing the lures that outfish live bait

The Jelly Prawn fishing lure is the most realistic prawn imitation on the market, bar none. With stalked eyes and a lifelike backwards kicking action, the Jelly Prawn lure is equally irresistible to actively feeding fish as they are to tough, shut-down fish. Jelly Prawns offer a lure to suit every type of fishing, from inshore flats to offshore reefs.   Click to see the full range ...


Jelly Prawn lures are moulded from real prawns. They are then made from soft plastic specially formulated to be truly lifelike.

No matter where you fish, there's a Jelly Prawn for the task. Whether it's inshore flats or offshore reefs, freshwater lakes or tropical creeks.

Each and every Jelly Prawn lure is crafted by hand in Australia. We are a small family-run operation, and we make every lure ourselves.


There's always a Jelly Prawn perfect for the task at hand

With its life-like tail-flicking action, the Original Jelly Prawn fools any predatory fish. These lures are equally at home fishing the flats in less than a metre of water or being jigged down to 10m deep.

With very little hook point exposed and half the weight of the Original, the Weedless Jelly Prawn is designed to be cast with confidence right into the heaviest cover where fish hang out.

The Vibration Jelly Prawn has a forward-swimming action with a small blade to mimic the swimming legs of a prawn on the move. Designed for covering the water quickly prospecting for fish.


Evolution Jelly Prawns are a short-strike-proof prawn lure which can be rigged to be fished flicktail-style or forward-swimming. They are rigged on the Australian-designed Evolution jighead.

A smaller, finesse version of the Original, the Mini Jelly Prawn is the perfect lure for anglers targeting fish feeding on smaller prawns, from bream to barramundi and mangrove jack to trophy flathead.

A smaller version of the Vibration Jelly Prawn, the Mini Vibration Jelly Prawn is a forward-swimming prawn imitation designed to search for fish in shallow water. Renowned as a bream magnet.


Tide Tamer Jelly Prawns were developed to get down deep, even in heavy current. Perfect for fishing inshore reefs, they sport a skirt that mimics the waving and pulsing legs of a feeding prawn.

Whether as a replacement for your fish-chewed Jelly Prawns or to rig in your own style, a pack of Unrigged Jelly Prawns will keep you on top of your game. Available in all colours and sizes.

Weight-Forward Vibration Jelly Prawns are the updated model of the hugely successful Vibration Jelly Prawn.This lure is a must-have for any inshore lure angler. Available really soon!



The Jelly Prawn fishing lure truly is possibly the best prawn imitation lure ever created. Not only are they incredibly lifelife outside of the water, tank tests show that due to their unique appearance and lifelike kick-and-glide swimming action that even the real prawns can't tell the difference! The fish don't stand a chance. Explore more using the menu options below.