Tide-Tamer Jelly Prawn

Tide-Tamer Jelly Prawns were developed in response to overwhelming demand for a Jelly Prawn Lure that would be able to get down deep, even in heavy current. Available with either 11g or 16g weighted hooks, Tide-Tamer Jelly Prawns have the ability to get down where they need to be to catch all of our favourite inshore, deep-water species like fingermark, grunter, snapper, jew fish, nannygai and big barra. In addition to the extra weight, Tide-Tamers sport a nice full, dense skirt that mimics the waving and pulsing legs of a feeding prawn. When coupled with our trade-mark backwards kicking action, Tide-Tamers offer a great deep-water prawn imitation that has proven its self as a lure that will get results when all else fails. Even dead-sticked under the boat, these lures have enough inbuilt action to draw a strike. And if the fish are shy and only picking, you can even add your choice of treble, double or single stinger to the ring installed under the skirt.

Big fish love prawns - especially down deep! Tide-Tamer Jelly Prawns give you the ability to present an unmatched prawn imitation down where the big boys lurk.

Use Tide-Tamer Jelly Prawns are for when you need to get down deep, either because the fish are holding there or the current is too strong for traditional Jelly Prawns to hit the bottom. They also feature a skirt that mimics the pulsing legs of a feeding prawn in the depths.

Packs of three



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