Vibration Jelly Prawn

The Vibration Jelly prawn was specifically developed for use in new and unknown territory. Unlike the Original and Weedless Jelly Prawns which are best worked slowly in areas where you know the fish are, the Vibration Prawn is perfectly suited to covering large areas of water in a short amount of time.

Whilst prawns don’t wiggle and wobble like a baitfish when swimming through the water, they do create significant displacement and disturbance. A prawn’s pleopods (or swimming legs) beat rhythmically as it moves forward, creating vibrations that can be detected by predatory fish.

The Vibration Prawn combines the life-like profile and stalked eyes of the Original but utilises a small blade to create vibrations and mimic the swimming legs of an unsuspecting live prawn on the move. This lure is also cleaning up in freshwater, where its weedless rigging allows it to be cast deep into lily pad and weed stands where barra and saratoga lurk.

The Vibration Jelly Prawn is fast becoming the go-to lure in tackle boxes across Australia. Get some yourself and see why.

Use Vibration Jelly Prawns can be cast to fish-holding structure or used to prospect new country. A steady rolling retrieve with intermittent pauses and twitches allows the lure glide, dive and jump and catch the attention of anything that is even vaguely interested in a light meal.

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